“In 2005, we began the long process of building our home in Hendersonville, Tennessee. With a highly recommended builder, we set out to create our dream home. Through the process, we were pleasantly surprised at the professionalism exhibited by our project manager, David Tachek. He maintained a low stress environment, while communicating clearly and honestly through the smallest to the greatest of details. We grew to trust and respect David as our project manager, but more importantly, as a strong and capable man.

When it came time to restore our second home, a historical farmhouse in Virginia, there was only one logical choice for a contractor. David Tachek. We had waited for several years for his schedule to allow his travelling back and forth, but had decided it was worth the wait. He is the only person we could think of to totally trust with our precious ancestral home. David is attentive, thoughtful, resourceful, persistent and resolute when he commits himself to a job.”

Laura & John Carter Cash

“As real estate and financial markets were beginning to crash all around us in late 2008, making the decision to renovate an existing log home and add significant square footage was one of the most important financial decisions we have probably ever made. Even more important was establishing a relationship and having trust in the person we would actually be working with to help complete the dream home we had been seeking for the past few years.

Building a home is a difficult and time consuming process that can be transformed into a completely different experience with the right people. I know this because we’ve had a bad experience in the past and we were nervous going into this one. What we quickly found was that any concerns we had would be unfounded and that our dream home project would defy the typical building experience you hear about from all your friends.

David Tachek was responsible for our project from beginning to end and we could not have been more pleased with his management and supervision of the project. With the recession and economic unrest making life in the building industry as difficult as possible, we had all the typical challenges to building a home and added in a few more since part of it was a renovation. David’s professionalism and attention to detail were excellent, and his focus on what was important to Heather and I was always evident throughout the process. Our result was an excellent building experience and a home we are very proud to know will be a part of our family for a very long time to come.”

Chris & Heather Cooley

“Every part of the construction process was the best for me. Judging from this job alone, it is my opinion that NBG does a fantastic job.”

Natalie & George Gould

“Noble has been a pleasure with which to work. Professionalism is a quality shared by only the most successful businesses. Attention to detail is very strong. I would suggest Noble to anyone in need of a reliable contracting company.”

George Gruhn (Gruhn Guitars)

“Everything [they] do is A+...very professional. Good experience. It was (and is) a great pleasure to work with Andrew.”

Cano & Esen Ozgener

“If I was ever to build another home for my family, I would without reservation call David and Andrew. There is no finer team I know of for custom home building in the Nashville area. For all the bad press contractors have gotten over the years, here’s two guys that are doing things right, acting with integrity, and leaving a legacy of great homes that will be around for generations.”

Chris Parker

“I am writing this in regards to David Tachek. David served as the principal builder of our home in the Natchez Valley Subdivision outside of Franklin, Tennessee. We had a wonderful building experience primarily thanks to David. He was very attentive to our needs in building and design as well as being very budget conscious. David is very professional and makes the home building experience a pleasure rather than a dread. As a result, we have a home which is first quality and someone that we can rely on to handle any issues that come up. I want to wholeheartedly recommend David Tachek and Noble Building Group to you for your building needs.”

Kerry W. Ross, M.D.